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  • By cooperating with The Impossible Project, WAVE Models supports the art of photography by reviving the tradition of taking real, instant images of models – using the incredible legacy of Edwin Land and the Polaroid Team in the 1970′s. In 2010, Impossible saved analog instant photography from extinction by releasing a variety of new and unique films to maintain diversity, tangibility and analog creativity in the world of photography.
    WAVE Models is credited as a member of M.A.M.A (Models Agents Managers Association), the worldwide modeling business association. MAMA safeguards the integrity and reputation of modeling worldwide – striving to protect the safety of models, the image of modeling and MAMA from the jeopardy or harm resulting from illegal or unethical methods and practices.
    Partnering with Star System provides WAVE Models with exceptional expertise in scouting and promoting international modeling careers. Using the preeminent and inspirational insights that John Casablancas mastered through his twenty-eight year tenure of the world’s leading agency network – Elite Model Management – gives the Wave Team valuable competencies in shaping successful modeling careers.